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I have the great fortune of counting my two younger sisters among my best friends in the world. We had countless hilarious times growing up, whether digging our car out of a snow bank in the Laurentian Mountains, making fun (lovingly) of our parents or deeply analyzing the merits of Breakin' vs. its sequel, Breakin' Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.  Unfortunately, we live quite far from each other nowadays. I leave on the East Coast, one sister lives in Berkeley and the other in the Canary Islands.  Fortunately, we catch up on the phone regularly which has made for some equally fun times. 

One of our greatest family traditions was/is the Friday Night Movie. As teenagers (and all the way through college), every Friday night, we would race (with our parents) to the Cinema Guzzo Sphèretech to watch whatever blockbuster came out that week (or whatever was in the theater because we just really like going to the movies together). The best part was the discussion after the movie. Usually, over TCBY frozen yogurt, we would debate every aspect of the film, rate it and verbally taunt whichever member of the family chose the movie, if it happened to be bad. (I still haven't lived down my 1998 selection of the Big Hit, starring Marky Mark and Lou Diamond Phillips).  

In this spirit, my sisters and I are recreating the family tradition of bonding over and arguing about movies with the Friday Night Movie Podcast.  Every week we'll talk about movies, television, and pop culture.  We'll also tell stories from our childhood and fill each other in on what's going in our lives as of late.  No, the movies and shows we discuss will not always be the latest (or greatest), nor will we provide any kind of consistent industry-related breaking news.  But we will hopefully make you laugh and share a slice of why we love talking with each other.

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